At Om Yoga Center, we continually adapt to the need of the students. Our aim is to provide detailed all-level instructions of the practice of yoga in a safe, encouraging environment.

Studio is well equipped with yoga props – mats, cushions, blankets, eye bands, eye pillows, blocks, ties etc. It offers an inviting, relaxed, environment, and a supportive and safe atmosphere for the ongoing exploration of the ancient practice of yoga. Instructor, Kalpana is open to questions, comments and requests from students both during and after the class, which creates a lively, inspiring atmosphere.

Students come to the studio for all reasons – to relieve stress, to alleviate physical discomfort, increase flexibility, and sleep well or to find a quieter and centered state of mind. These, as well as many others, are excellent reasons for beginning to study and practice yoga.

Classes are small and allow for lots of personal attention. Students are encouraged to explore and discover what works for their own bodies and to practice at their own pace.
Classes start with centering the mind on breath. One important element of yoga is to feel what is happening in the body, to listen to the needs of one’s own body, and to learn to call on the postures to invigorate and mobilize one’s unique structure.

The next part of the class covers both – asana practice (the practice and experience of the postures) and Pranayama (various breathing techniques that when integrated with the postures mobilize and energize the body). The breath and the grounding force of gravity are employed as partners in order to free the spine into its natural wavelike action. Depending on the level of the class, the focus of the postures may be restorative, invigorating, or both.

Classes conclude with a relaxation technique – ‘Shavasana’ or ‘Yoganidra’. This allows students to rest deeply, and to give their bodies the opportunity to integrate the physical experiences introduced throughout the class and leave feeling calm, relaxed and invigorated.